H.S.H.’s long term Vision: “PPPPP” – People-Principality-Performance-Prosperity-Peace:

It is the Sovereign Prince’s goal to:

Goal 1: create a real innovative self-developing self-sustaining sovereign and independent economy;

Goal 2: create a non-complacent fresh innovative center for continual promotion of culture, scientific research & discovery, education advancement & enrichment to all residents;

Goal 3: rule & lead by example; along the lines of Imagination, Illumination, Intuition and Inspiration and guided by the principles of trust, integrity and industry with confidence, which is the only methodology & model to uplift the Human Spirit to a higher plane of wellness and contentment;

Goal 4: bring about a modern renaissance to the Principality, turning it to a model for ecological awareness, financial acumen, and good, fair, just and equitable, stable governance, to the benefit of its citizens and residents, and to the world at large;

Goal 5: continuously remind all the people of the Principality Monte de Agrella (visitors & their neighbors) to perpetuate the adoption of the ethics and moral code behind the motto: People – Principality – Performance – Prosperity – Peace;

Goal 6: encourage his people to do today what others leave for tomorrow – time is of the essence and tomorrow is promised to no one;

Goal 7: build up a people and country of dignity and self-pride, based on trust, integrity, industry and results;

Goal 8: promote a culture health, tranquility and wellness – natural elements all human being strive for – to live in harmony and peace…


Thought provoking statements & observations of our endeavour for the day:

• A Modern State and its Government proposes original thought leadership and insights that delivers unique practical perspectives and industry results. This is where industry and the Government of the Principality Monte de Agrella intersect: our practical motto is “Trust, Imagination, Integrity and Industry”…

• It has therefore been said of this Principality that…trust, integrity, competence and innovation are increasingly interdependent in a virtuous cycle (curbing complacency) that inevitably and ultimately lifts performance and fuels legitimacy.

• The point is not simply to collect more data, more feedback or to search out more expert opinion… The point is not just to know more but to act better in the right spirit and by example.

• The search for solutions for better policy and improved public services demands a capacity for rapid learning and innovation, for large-scale collaboration and shared power and for new patterns of engagement with a more complicated and rapidly evolving mix of interests and people outside of government.

• Increasingly, modern government has to adjust to a world in which power, authority and the capacity for impact is a function of the way people connect to share ideas, knowledge and commitment.

• The people and the expertise that can contribute to good policy and service design outcomes will be anywhere and everywhere. Often, they won’t be in large institutions or traditional organizations, private, public or community. They are most often original ideas whispered by our individual children…our only hope to a realistic future…

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