The Financial Supervisory Authority & Commission (“FSAC”) is the competent judicial authoritative body responsible for the administrative licensing and regulation of banks, insurers, investment firms and gaming, as well as the conduct supervision of the financial services industry for the Principality Monte de Agrella. Although an independent Department with the ultimate head the Governor of the Central bank, the Executive Board of FSAC are appointed by the Ministry of Finance and Treasury, whereas HSH, the Sovereign Prince appoints the Governor of the Principality’s Central Bank.

FSAC are in current negotiations with many international organizations assisting and compliant in the broader spectrum of financial cross-border regulation and supervision.

FSAC’s objective is to promote safety and soundness of the financial industry firms for insurers and the protection of policy holders while instilling stability and confidence in its system of supervision. This alone is a precondition for a healthy and successfully prosperous economy.

All inquiries regarding financial entities are to be referred to: dept.finance@pmda.org

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