Vinod Doddamani – Deputy Secretary of State and Head of Parliament

India born and internationally raised, Vinod Doddamani is a citizen of Germany and has lived all over the world, such as Bangalore and New Delhi, India, Brussels, Belgium, Canberra, Australia, Kingston, Jamaica, Doha, Qatar, Hong Kong, Berlin, Germany, Warsaw, Poland, New York, New York, Los Angeles, California and Delray Beach (Miami), Florida, Indiana, and West Virginia in the United States.

Mr. Doddamani has four degrees and a solid technical and scientific background, having completed his Undergraduate Degree in Computer Science at prestigious Purdue University at West Lafayette, Indiana, and going on to complete Law School at Chapman University in Orange, Southern California. He is also an alumnus of West Virginia University in Morgantown, West Virginia, with an MS in Computer Science, with a Master’s Thesis in Heuristics and Goal Planning and focus in Graphics, Databases, and Software Tuning, and of St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore, India with a BSc in the pure sciences.

Mr. Doddamani has a focus on the areas of intellectual property, entertainment, international and immigration law and was on the Student Bar Association at his law school. He speaks 10 languages, including German, French, Polish, Italian, Spanish and Hindi apart from English.

Vinod Doddamani is a Patent, Trademark and Technology lawyer with several years’ experience in Patent Practice. He is also a skilled Immigration Lawyer who has successfully litigated several cases involving deportation and removal and complicated legal issues for Immigrants, as well as appearing in several Immigration Courts throughout several jurisdictions across the United States. He has also worked extensively in Germany and Hong Kong.

Before being appointed Deputy Secretary of State and Head of Parliament for Principality Monte de Agrella, Mr. Doddamani’s Patent, Trademark and Immigration practice was in Delray Beach, FL. Prior to being a Patent Attorney at Adeli and Tollen in Los Angeles, CA., and a Patent Attorney at Cardinal Intellectual Property, Evanston, IL., Mr. Doddamani Issued official patentability opinions, claim analysis, prior art references for USPTO and WIPO PCT applications. In addition, he interned at Wuersch & Gering, LLP in New York, NY.




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