Tarinan von Anhalt – Minister of Health and Welfare

Tarinan von Anhalt has currently been appointed Minister of Health and Welfare of the Principality Monte de Agrella.

Having graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts from The University of Miami (Florida), Ms. Tarinan von Anhalt has understood and practiced in her own life Integrative and Preventative Medicine for the past 30 years. Her personal knowledge along with having relationships with some of the best doctors with professional experience in both US and Europe places her in the paramount position to create and organize a premier medical facility offering comprehensive care by integrating western medicine and various alternative methods, with state of the art equipment, and recruiting the top global talent in the medical arena. With a focus on the holistic approach to healing, these healing modalities will include a wide variety of innovative therapies such as; Anti-Aging Medicine, Ozone Therapy, Heavy Metal Detoxification, Hormone Replacement, Antioxidant and Nutrient Therapies, and many more.

An accomplished professional who understands Capital markets and a Director of a number of companies. Her career began in 1980 in the Beauty and Health fields in which she identified, developed and initiated the trendsetter launch of European -style Instituts de Beaute introduced into Bloomingdales, a major department store setting, a mini-spa focusing on maximum well being, weight loss, facial and body care therapies.

Following that, Ms. Tarinan von Anhalt attained remarkable profitability, with the national and international development of several prominent lines of consumer goods. She built market position, developed business plan, and negotiated with Univision, to become the first to successfully target the expansive American, Central and South American Hispanic markets.

Ms. Tarinan von Anhalt was also a consultant to IGI Laboratories, New Jersey which has patent protected technology used to encapsulate pharmaceutical and cosmetic active ingredients. Before founding Jet Art Group in 2006, she then worked at Emerald Greens in California as BDO, Director of International Sales and Marketing for a pioneer nutritional company promoting high phyto-nutrient content Superfoods helping your body purify your blood, aiding with digestion, enhancing your immune system and boosting your energy.

Before being appointed Minister of Health, Ms. Tarinan von Anhalt’s extensive art background and passion, led her to create and currently oversee the operation of Jet Art Group, Inc. a global contemporary art, promotional, merchandising and licensing company brought to fruition by her artistic collaboration, aviation specialists and a team of technicians. She acquired and developed the Company’s assets which includes; original paintings, trademarks, and intellectual properties, and secured a partnership with Flexjet/Bombardier to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Lear Jet.

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