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Kaushalya Amaranayaka Siriwardana – Minister of Peace

Prior to being appointed Minister of Peace, Special Plenipotentiary and Ambassador-at- Large, Kaushalya founded Helping Hands Inc. in 2003, a nonprofit global organization in the United States of America, to concentrate on the needs of destitute children in the world. She has spent her life devoted to bringing worldwide peace through Education, and the understanding of all different Cultures, while continuing to align her humanitarian efforts with the UN’s Eight Millennium Development goals for an improved and safer world for all.

Kaushalya is an outstanding Global Citizen, who is a practicing International social welfare worker and speaker, credited by many UN Ambassadors and world leaders, and loved by the people for her compassionate work and her continuous endeavors of making the world a better place.

Kaushalya’s ancestors from her paternal side, The Kshatriya family, ruled for four hundred years in Middle India. Her late mother was Sujatha Hettiarachchi Nadarajah, a highly distinguished and accredited author and renowned poet of The Light of the Ten Thousandfold World System. Belonging to one of the oldest and most Aristocratic families in Sri Lanka, through both her parent’s lineage, enabled Kaushalya to travel extensively as a child, and as well as an adult, throughout the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia and Latin America, in which she was received by many leaders during her visits. Through her widespread travel she learned how invaluable sustainability is.

Her studies included education with a Flagship University and an Aviation Academy in the United States, and Bharathiya Vidhiya Bhavan in India for Fine Arts. She continues to deepen her knowledge in ancient yoga, Sanskrit and native medicines, and furthers her research in ancient scriptures of Buddhist philosophy in Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Thailand, Nepal and India.

She further campaigns for equality in all societies, developing relationships in order to bring the awareness of understanding each other’s beliefs and backgrounds, believing that the knowledge of understanding a country’s heritage and customs will create peace. Kaushalya’s volunteer work for homeless children in various countries and her involvement with educational organizations demonstrates her real empathy for people all over the world.

She has served and continues to serve as an honorary officer to many Global Organizations including for the City of Garland, Texas, The Multicultural Commission Board as International Adviser for the World Yoga Foundation, and to the United Nations – DPI NGO as a UN representative for many years and will continue in the future.

Her philosophy is having the intelligence of simplicity, compassion and kindness towards all life.


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