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Principality: Principality Monte de Agrella (“PMDA”) (Art. 13A of the Constitution)

Coordinates: 43°49’46.1″N 7°42’02.0″E (hyperlink)

Capital City: Monte Agrella (“MA”) (Art. 13B of the Constitution)

Coordinates: 43°49’26.9″N 7°41’27.8″E (hyperlink)

Ancient Village Town: Seborga (preserved)

The Area and Territory of the Principality Monte de Agrella

Area: 28.28 km² (10.919 miles²), borders pending final negotiations completing

Location: The Principality Monte de Agrella is situated just east of the Italian-Franco border in the rich Ligurian hills overlooking the Mediterranean.  It incorporates the land area around the historic ‘ancient Principality of Seborga’ just above the town of Bordighera, and at elevations of 300 to 600 meters above sea-level, the area has oceanic views easterly to San Remo, and coastal views westerly to nearby Menton and beyond to the Principality of Monaco.

With an Area of 28.28 sq km (10.919 sq mi), borders pending final negotiations completing, the Principality Monte de Agrella is the newest and one of the smallest (third in size) additions to the European national community. Encompassing the existing communities of Seborga and others, the Principality will incorporate new infrastructure and new building construction to create a new, modern independent community for business and living.  The capital city, Monte Agrella, envisioned as an environmental supportive city built on the sloped hills of the Principality, will, in effect, be a new capital city of the 21st Century when completed. Sensible ‘urban’ living full with amenities, the new capital city will enhance the Principality with architecture and environs of the highest quality, while saving much of the surrounding areas as natural landscapes.

Other Information:

Climate: Mediterranean mild through much of the year.  Mild winters with occasional brisk and cold periods.

Governance Principality with Constitutional Hereditary Monarchy and Government, Associations, International Treaties, easements with Italy

Ocean Access: Planned, borders pending final negotiations completing

Airport Access Helicopter services to the Principality to begin service soon; Nice-Côte d’Azur International Airport is 26 km from the Principality Monte de Agrella

Rail: The nearest railway station is Bordighera, on the Ventimiglia-Genoa line.

Road Access: The Principality is situated along Provincial Road 57 in Imperia. The nearest freeway access is at the Bordighera exit on the A10.

Neighboring Country: France (South Eastern border)

Italian Neighboring Communes: Perinaldo, Vallabona, Sasso di Bordighera, San Remo & Ospedaletti

Inhabitants: 2018

Currency: to be announced

Official language: English (and Italian)

Time zone: (UCT)(GMT) +1hr

Independence: Declaration of a Sovereign & Independent State 21 March 2014

Appointment & Ascension to Throne as Reigning Monarch: HSH Immanuel Sovereign Prince 21 March 2014

System of State & Government: Constitutional Hereditary Monarchy

Head of State and Government: HSH Immanuel Sovereign Prince of Monte de Agrella

Ministries Cabinet Crown Council: Government Ministers appointed & sworn in 24 March 2014

State Secretary, Plenipotentiary & Special Envoy to HSH, the Prince: Hon. Vinod Doddamani

Deputy State Secretary, Plenipotentiary & Special Envoy to HSH, the Prince: Hon. Morgan Lewis

Adopted the Constitution: Constitutional Hereditary Monarchy 5 May 2014

Adopted the Law: Roman Dutch Penal Law & Anglo Saxon Common Proper Law 7 May 2014

The Official Government Website & Portal: www.pmda.org

ISO 3166 code: pending

The Internet country code Top Level Domain “ccTLD” with .gov in URL string: pending

The prefix ICT: pending

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